Twix rejoined our herd in 2015, after residing in a 4-Her's herd for several years.  We are ecstatic to have her back and working in our herd once more.  In 2016, Twix returned to the show ring at the National Show, where she placed 10th in a very competitive class of Aged Does.  She appraised 89 VVEV going excellent in body capacity and rump at 7 years old. She is a long, wide, powerful doe with a lovely mammary system capable of producing large volumes of milk.  

Twix is the maternal half-sister to Carmel and dam to King's Rock Pipin' Hot 2*M, who was the 2011 1st place Junior Doe at the ADGA Nationals.  After we lost Piper, we jumped at the opportunity to have Twix back and now have two lovely 2016 daughters from Risin' Creek Wen Khaos Strikes in our herd.  We are excited to see how they grow and mature, especially since they look so similar to their dam and maternal half-sister.  Both also placed the 2016 Nationals, with King's Rock Pomp&Circumstance placing 7th and King's Rock PuzzledNPerplexed placing 9th in the Junior Doe class. 

King's Rock Betwix N Between

DAM: AKM-Farm Cotton Candy

SIRE: AKM-Farm Sir Jacob

DOB: 2/27/2009


10th Placed Aged Doe at the 2016 ADGA National Show

G6S Normal

2016 (07-04) 89 VVEV
Linear Appraisal 2016, age 7

Linear Appraisal 2016, age 7

2016 207 1850 83 68
2017 (complete) 118 1120 50 38