GCH Paradiso MOonShyne 2*M

DOB: 4/2/2013

DAM: King's Rock Betwix N Between 1*M

SIRE: Aspen- Hill Rain Beau

50% Nubian, 50% Saanen

 LA: 91 EEEE

8th Placed 5 year old at the 2018 ADGA Nationals

Some goats you spend hours researching, pining over and analyzing before you consider adding them into the herd.  Other times you get a call telling you to set up your quarantine pen,  because you are getting a new goat!  Moon is a bit of a special project for us, mixing  some of the top Saanen genetics in the country with our dam line.  Her sire is Aspen-Hill's Rain-Beau EX91 EEE who sired the 2016 ADGA National Champion & Best Udder, Araby- Farm AHRB Just-Tina and many other successful does in the Araby Farm herd.  

For her first freshening in our herd, Moon has had a great 2018! She made her show ring debut at the 2018 ADGA National Show, placing 8th in her class of Recorded Grade does. She also earned a final score of 90 EVEV at her first appraisal going excellent in many of the structural categories including feet, legs and rump! She definitely has my favorite rump in the herd and one of the strongest fore udder too! Besides her National Show placing, Moon also earned two legs towards her permanent championship and was Best In Show once as well. Her record for the year was 3x Grand Champion, and 2x Reserve Grand Champion. In 2019, Moon freshened with quads and very shortly thereafter, went on to earn her last leg towards her champion at the Altamont Doe Show, going Grand and Best of Breed in the first ring of the show. A glitch in paperwork kept her in the barn until later in the summer where she started to compete in the Champion Challenge class earning several Best of Breed awards in the process. She also appraised 91 EEEE. She ended her show season placing 2nd in a very competitive Champion Challenge Class at the Big E! to the doe who went on to win Best Doe in Show. We retained her two 2019 daughters out of

Pictured at 5 years old

Pictured at 5 years old

2019 (06-05) 91 EEEE
2018 (05-01) 90 EVEV
2018 249 1730 79 55
2019 (in progress) 161 1280 57 39