Our 2017 DHI is Finally DOne

And just in time for our March freshening....

Our last three does (Charm, Rosie, and Amata) are dried off and their milk records have been sent in and processed with Dairy One.  With the end of their lactation, we have two new Star Milkers in our herd, King's Rock Raindrops on Roses 3*M and King's Rock 3rd Times A Charm.  These two girls were first fresheners in 2017 and thus earned their Milk Star on their first lactation.  Now with these ladies having their first lactation under their belt, our entire milking herd has either earned their Milk Star through DHI or a one-day milk test, with several does qualifying for both their AR and ST star as well throughout the years. 

King's Rock EX Amata Isabella 3*M finished her 2017 lactation producing 3420 pounds of milk.  This is what happens when you dry a first freshener up early because she is such a pain to milk and threaten to sell her if she behaves like that as a second freshener.  She comes into milk, peaking at 17 pounds a day to spite you.  

Complete Lactations for these three are as follows: 

  • King's Rock EX Amata Isabella 3*M:     305 days 3420lbs 157BF 134P
  • King's Rock Raindrops on Roses 3*M:  301 days 2040lbs 94BF 71P
  • King's Rock 3rd Times A Charm 2*M:  297 days 1630lbs 115BF 71P