King's Rock Sunday Spotlight 2018: King's Rock PuzzledNPerplexed and King's Rock Pomp&Circumstance


It's a sister act on today's King's Rock Sunday Spotlight with twin sisters King's Rock PuzzledN Perplexed 2*M (pending) and King's Rock Pomp&Circumstance! These coming two-year-olds are out of King's Rock Betwix N Between 1*M and CH Risin' Creek Wen Khaos Strikes

Very similar does in many aspects, as junior does, at the 2016 ADGA Nationals, Pomp&Circumstance placed 7th and PuzzledNPerplexed was 9th.  In the fall of 2016, Puzzle was a very deep doe, and as the half-sister to King's Rock Pipin' Hot 2*M, we knew she needed to be a working yearling.  Circumstance (or Penelope) on the other hand, was left as a dry yearling. Puzzle will earn her milk star once her dry doe sheet has been sent in.  While not the heaviest milker, she still produced 1250 pounds at 248 days of milk, with 58 pounds of butterfat and 50 pounds of protein.  An extra year of maturity should really do Puzzle well.  She is a wide and deep yearling, but needs time to pull all of her pieces together.  The difference in her development from when she freshened to her last show in late October really showcases how much she has matured even in a few months time.  

In my opinion, the best is yet to come with these two does.  I am excited to see Penelope's udder this year and to see the development of Puzzle's udder with a second freshening.  Puzzle is confirmed bred to Fox's Pride KPC Get Your Wings.  Penelope is confirmed bred to GCH +B Fox's Pride LFR Expresso.  2nd doe reservations for both are available.  Puzzle also has buck reservations.  As Penelope is a first freshener, we do not accept buck reservations.  If you are interested in a kid from either of them (or any other doe in our herd), please contact us.