King's Rock Sunday Spotlight: Paradiso Moonshyne


It's going to be a "Super Blue Blood Moon" on Wednesday, so in celebration, this Sunday Spotlight just had to be our own Moon, Paradiso Moonshyne! Our experimental "Snubian" is the first doe we have added to our herd in years.  While she may not carry our herdname, her dam is King's Rock Betwix N Between 1*M.  Even though we have never worked with experimental before (or owned anything other than Nubians), it was a no-brainer to add her to our herd.  Not only is she from our maternal line, she is the daughter of Aspen-Hill's Rain-Beau and paternal half-sister to the 2016 Saanen National Champion and Best Udder Araby-Farm AHRB Just-Tina (and a whole lot more exciting Saanen does in the Araby herd).

Moon came to us dry in the summer of 2017.  She is easily the largest doe in our herd, and is a well put together doe! She is wide throughout, has a very level topline and the most amazing rump.  In fact, my favorite thing about her is watching her move naturally about.  She just oozes strength, grace, and power.  It was a total adjustment to have her new personality in the herd. She is much more content to wait for you than any of my other girls (though she gets a little excited when food comes her way).

2018 is going to be a big year for Moon.  We are anxiously awaiting her freshening to see her udder.  The combination of genetics between Twix and Rain-Beau should mean that there will be quite an udder there! Twix scored Very Good in mammary system the only time she was appraised, at age 7.  And Rain-Beau has had many of his daughters appraise Excellent in Mammary.  Plus the combination of milk behind her!  Expect to see her out in the show ring too!  We will be able to add to those Recorded Grade entry numbers this year.  

Moon is bred to King's Rock Up All Knight.  If I have enough space, I will be retaining at least one doe kid! They will hopefully make quite nice 75% Nubian, 25% Saanen kids!  Contact us for more information about a reservation from her or the availability of other King's Rock kids.