King's Rock Sunday Spotlight: GCH King's Rock Madison Isabella 2*M


Technically it's Monday, but I chose a nap (and a bit of binge-watching) over posting yesterday. This week's spotlight is a special doe for our herd, GCH King's Rock Madison Isabella 2*M.  Madison is the current matriarch of the Isabella line in our herd and the daughter of our first doe AKM-Farm Alexandra Isabella 1*M. She is also the dam of our homebred herdsire King's Rock Up All Knight and our top milker King's Rock EX Amata Isabella 3*M.  While our Isabella line does not have much representation in our herd currently, we are really happy with what we have (and what we are hoping to have in 2018).

Madison, age 5, earned a permanent appraisal score of 89 VEEE this year.  She appraised Excellent in mammary again, as well as Excellent in Dairy Strength, and Body Capacity. I love her mammary system, especially her fore udder extension and blending.  Not to mention she has one of the highest and widest rear arches in our herd! She enjoyed the semi-retired life this year, as she earned her permanent championship last year at four.  During her 2017 lactation, she produced over 1820 pounds.  

As far as offspring, we currently have her oldest daughter King's Rock EX Amata Isabella 3*M, and her 2016 son, King's Rock Up All Knight.  We also have her up and coming granddaughters King's Rock S Hazel Isabella and King's Rock Knight Time Confit as well.  Amata has already produced 3230 pounds of milk at 271 days this year.  We left Amata home most of the show season, but at her one show out, she still managed to win Reserve Grand Champion at the Dutchess County Fair behind herdmate, GCH King's Rock Java Chip 2*M, with 45 Nubians in the show.  One of Madison's  granddaughters, King's Rock Knight Time Confit, will be a dry yearling in 2018, and we can't wait to get her back in the ring! Her late April birthdate often made her the youngest in her class, she did go on to be the Reserve Champion Junior Doe at the 2017 Dutchess County Fair this year.  Her other granddaughter in the herd, King's Rock S Hazel Isabella will be freshening this year and we are hoping for an udder like her grandma!  Half the time we have to do a double take in the pen because Hazel resembles her granddam a lot so it's only fitting that that udder comes with that resemblance (Fingers crossed).


Madison is confirmed bred to Fox's Pride KPC Get Your Wings for late March babies and I am so excited about them! The first doe kid (at least, I am trying to not be greedy) will stay in our herd.  This breeding should result in large and very stylish kids, combining some great genetics and playing off of each animals strengths and weaknesses.  Originally, we had plans to AI Madison this year, but when we purchased GW, those plans went out the window really fast because we wanted kids out of this cross! Think pink for me! The kids will be G6S normal by parentage.  And if anyone is interested in kids from this breeding, contact us for more information!