King's Rock Sunday Spotlight 2018: Dam and Daughter Edition

It’s a dam and daughter King’s Rock Sunday Spotlight tonight! Today’s feature is King’s Rock Double Shot 1*M and her 2016 daughter King’s Rock She’s Something. With Double Shot being in milk and her coming two-year-old daughter She’s Something about to freshen, we are very excited about this dam and daughter pair in our herd!



Double Shot was dry in 2017, taking a year off, much to my chagrin (and hers once she learned that dry goats DO NOT get grain).  It hurt to not have her on our show string and her milk in our pail.  So she stayed in the barn and looked amazing, gaining a lot of maturity between 2016 and 2017, and really changing from an immature young doe to a well put together animal.  I cannot wait for what 2018 will bring for her,  to get her back into the ring, on milk test and appraised.  Hopefully, she will be able to earn her third championship leg this year as well.  And I think she cannot wait to be back to twice daily milkings (simply for the grain of course).  During her last lactation (2016, 2nd freshening), she produced 2120 pounds in 231 days with 102 pounds of butterfat and 77 pounds of protein. She was the Grand Champion Nubian at the 2016 Dutchess County Fair as well.  

Another one of the pains of Double Shot being dry is that I did not get any 2017 kids from her.  She is a great "brood" doe, consistently producing great kids, including my favorite dry yearling, King's Rock She's Something.  Something (or Poppy here) won her dry leg at her first show of the season and then was Grand Champion Junior Doe at the 2017 Dutchess County Fair.  She placed 8th as an Intermediate Kid at the 2016 ADGA Nationals.  She moves with such a grace and elegance (when she is not dancing) and has the sweetest personality too.  She really is Something! I am very anxiously awaiting her first freshening udder this spring.  After seeing her paternal half sisters, Charm and Puzzle, freshen this year, I am excited to see what CH Risin' Creek Wen Khaos Strikes does in the mammary department.  


Double Shot has been confirmed bred to King's Rock Up All Knight, our herdsire out of GCH King's Rock Madison Isabella 2*M and CH Risin' Creek Wen Khaos Strikes. It's a close breeding to what produced Poppy, but it also adds in Madison, who has appraised Excellent in Mammary the three times she was appraised and rejoins the two branches of our doe line.  Between the two does, there is also a great will to milk.  Madison's daughter Amata Isabella (and Double Shot's paternal sister) has already produced 3230 pounds in her current lactation.  Her kids will be G6S normal and either Alpha Casein A/B or Alpha Casein B/B.  Both doe and buck reservations are available on Double Shot's 2018 kids.  

She's Something has been confirmed bred to Fox's Pride KPC Get Your Wings.  If these kids even take after one of their parents, they will be really special.  Both dam and sire have a great elegance and style, and adding in GW's strong length of bone to the mix with Something's smoothness of blending and width, should create some potentially great kids.   Kids will be G6S normal and Alpha Casein B/B.  Something's doe reservations are full and buck kids will be offered for sale after we evaluate her mammary system.