PSA: Minerals in the Winter

Public Service Announcement: Polly (King's Rock Knight Time Confit) would like to remind everyone to keep a close eye on your mineral levels and refill as needed. 


It is our experience that throughout the winter, our girls go through a whole lot more minerals and baking soda than they do any other time of the year.  With the growing babies, winter weather, and change in diet, the increase in mineral consumption is to be expected.  We allow our does to self-regulate both the minerals and baking soda.  They have unlimited access to the mineral feeder and eat the amount they feel they need when they need it.   I find that I am refilling our mineral feeder about twice a week right now.   

We feed a salt based mineral made by Poulin Grain.  It is high in Selenium and Vitamin E, which are two essential requirements for goats, particularly in our area, where we have selenium deficient soil.  It also contains XP Yeast, which has been proven to increase rate of gain and improve feeding efficiency.   We purchase our baking soda in bulk, which is then eaten by the goats to maintain a proper pH balance in the rumen.