Madison's Corner

I am very happy to introduce our newest addition to our website, called Madison's Corner.  Over the summer, I was up visiting my uncle and aunt in Massachusetts, and I discovered how enamored my cousin Madison was from pictures of the goats, especially the babies, my mom had sent her.  She even asked to watch one of the videos several times a day! It gave me the idea to do a "daily goat" but logistically, I had trouble starting it.  I didn't want to start it and not be able to update it with pictures or not have the time with my ever present conflict of college.  However, today I decided with graduation looming and enough pictures saved, that I could make it work until I am home.  

Madison's Corner is named after my cousin and also our beloved goat, Madison (who came first by the way), and we will attempt to post pictures of our goats and farm daily. There will be pictures and videos of baby goats, our older does, and our bucks, so hopefully it will be the place for your daily goat fix. Unlike the rest of our website, there probably will be a few show pictures in there, but most of the pictures will be candid and fun.  The first few weeks will probably be throwbacks more then new pictures but hopefully soon, I will be able to post pictures of growing bellies, fuzzy goats, and other fun pictures.  Check back often to see and get your "daily goat" fix.