The End of Show Season, the Start of Breeding Season

Having goats consume my life has adapted to new seasons, not just winter, spring, summer and fall.  Instead I have Kidding Season, Show Season, Breeding Season and then a brief Rest Season where we are catching our breath and waiting for it to start all again.  As we transition from one season to another, I think it would be a good idea to catch this blog up with what has happened during show season and what exciting things we have in store for breeding season. As I reflect on what has happened this year all I can say is wow! Our girls outdid themselves and performed exceptionally-be forewarned, this blog is going to be a bit of a brag but we are proud of all of the accomplishments are goats have accomplished this year! 

We started our show season in May a few days and ended at the Dutchess County Fair.  In 5 shows we attended our girls earned 5 Grand Championship wins, 4 Reserve Grand Championship wins, and a Grand Champion Junior Doe and Reserve Grand Champion Junior doe.  3 does earned legs, and AKM-Farm Carmel is now CH AKM-Farm Carmel, finishing her championship this year. 

We also attended the ADGA Nationals were 5 of the 8 does we brought made the cut in their classes.  The classes were really competitive with 50+ animals in a majority of them and we are so proud that our little herd was able to hold its own.  

  • AKM-Farm Carmel-12th place
  • King's Rock Pipin' Hot- 22nd place 
  • King's Rock Madison Isabella-20th place
  • King's Rock Double Shot-18th Place
  • King's Rock EX Ava Isabella-11th Place

Last but not least, our linear appraisal occurred between shows in June this year.  We had two animals appraise excellent this year-Carmel appraised 90 again and Expresso appraised 92.  All of our other mature animals appraised above 85 and all of our dry does appraised very good overall.  How is that a show season! 

Usually we end our show season at the Big E but due to school this year, we decided to give the girls (and ourselves) a well deserved break and end show season early.  We could not have done this without our great support team of friends, and family and I need to give a big shout out to my mother who takes care of the goats while I am at school-kidding, milking and all the fun stuff involved so I can continue to pursue my passion of breeding and showing.  

While our bucks have other ideas (they started rut in July), we are slowly starting to transition into breeding season.  While we haven't completely decided when we are going to start breeding this year, most likely for March or April kids, we have figured out our breeding plans and they can be found on our For Sale page.  

We are breeding several does to our Junior herdsire Risin' Creek Wen Khaos Strikes as his kids last year were gorgeous and so hopefully we can get some to keep this year.  Think pink for us please!  Expresso will be bred to his yearling daughter Chase.  This cross will result in  the genetic full siblings to our other dry yearling Double Shot who earned her dry leg at the NJ State Fair this year.   We also have two AIs planned as well with Piper being bred to Royal Cedar's Candy's Heritage and Java being bred to Foxwood Madison's Gargamel.  Heritage is the son of 1994 National Champion and should be an excellent cross with Piper.  Gargamel is a buck we used early on in our herd and love the improvement in udders and also general appearance he passed down to his offspring and we can't wait to use him again in our herd.  

Lastly, we will also be collecting our bucks again this year.  Expresso semen can be purchased now on our website and we will also could be tempted to sell a limited amount of Striker semen if anyone is interested.  We haven't seen any of his daughters freshen yet but we have seen his full sister's udder and all of his kids have been impressive enough that we feel confident in his ability.  Contact me for more information.