Another Linear Appraisal in the Books

We will be the first ones to admit we do not have perfect goats.  They all have their strengths and weaknesses, things you would like to change and things that you wish all your goats had.  The trick to having a strong breeding program is to recognize those things and learn to breed to improve the herd.  Linear appraisal is a great tool that ADGA provides to do that.  

We have been doing linear appraisal for several years.  This year marked our fourth year of being appraised and the four times we have done it, we have learned a tremendous amount of information, and there is still more to learn.  The appraisers are a wealth of knowledge and really work with you to help you develop a better eye for evaluating your goats.   We have been blessed to have been appraised by three different appraisers, each presenting a different point of view and different knowledge.  It is at times overwhelming to take it all in and it definitely helps to have someone else there to lead your goats around so you can see what the appraiser is talking about.   

Now onto the bragging part, we could not be more thrilled with our appraisal results.  Our biggest excitement was our senior herdsire Expresso appraised 92 EEE!  We cannot be more grateful for the Fox's for entrusting him with us 4 years ago.  He got off the trailer and the appraiser and everyone else around were amazed by him, especially with his size and strength.  He was truly impressed with him, saying he was one of the nicest nubian bucks he had ever appraised.  

Our results:

  • Expresso (5 years old) 92 EEE
  • Striker (1 year old) 87 VVV
  • Carmel (6 years old) 90 EEEE
  • Piper (3 years old) 88 VEEV
  • Madison (2 years old) 88 VVVE
  • Java (2 years old) 87 VVVV
  • All of our dry does appraised Very Good Overall