Welcome to our website!

Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to our new website.  Please be patient as we work out the kinks and update it with more information and pictures.  I didn't realize how much works goes into putting a website together.  

We are approaching our start of kidding season with our first freshening doe (Madison) due at the end of March.  Madison is huge and carrying deep.  During her ultrasound, we saw at least 2 babies but she may have had more hiding as well.  She is bred to our senior herdsire, Expresso and we are really excited for her babies.  Crossing her paternal half sisters with Expresso have consistently resulted in beautiful animals.  We are also excited to see what her udder looks like.  It is always an anxious yet thrilling to watch those first freshening udders develop.  She will be followed by Piper who is due in the beginning of April with AI babies!!  Piper is bred to Faith-Farm Eden's Testimony.  Her ultrasound promised at least 2 babies as well, and we are crossing our fingers for a girl.  Java and Carmel were both bred to our junior herdsire Striker and it will be interesting to see how this cross works in our herd.  Java is one to watch out for as she was milking like crazy after only having a single buck kid as a yearling.  Her udder was adorable and look forward to seeing her mature.  Carmel unfortunately did not take AI this year so is due in May with Striker kids.  While we are disappointed about her not taking, we can not say we are not excited about the kids she is carrying.  The combination should be breathtaking.  Kidding season will soon be here and we look forward to seeing what is in store for 2014.