August 2017 Milk Test Results

A bit delayed but we did our August milk test right before we loaded up for Dutchess County Fair as our girls typically are not producing as much at the end of the fair week.

Java's sample must have spilled during transport so we were unable to have butterfat or protein content measured this test.

We also did a One Day Milk Test while we were at the fair as well. Hopefully, that resulted in a few does earning their AR stars! Fingers crossed, but I think we may have one or two does who are adding an AR star to their record in addition to their ST star from 2016!

August Milk Tests.jpg

We Have A New Addition- Paradiso Moonshyne

Introducing the newest member of King's Rock and our first pointy earred doe ever! This is Paradiso Moonshyne, a snubian out of our doe King's Rock Betwix N Between 1*M and Aspen-Hill's Rain-Beau (sire of the 2016 ADGA National Champion Saanen Araby-Farm AHRB Just-Tina)!

She wasn't too thrilled with being set up and is still adjusting to life in New York so we just snapped a really quick picture of her. We cannot wait to breed her and get her back into the showring in 2018!!


We are so excited for the chance to work with her and incorporate some amazing Saanen genetics into our American Nubian herd (and who knows what else 😜), while still working with our oringial doe line!  

Her planned pedigree: