King's Rock Sunday Spotlight: King's Rock Pickin' Violets

With our kidding season fast approaching, I believe it's time to highlight our last 2018 Sunday Spotlight: King's Rock Pickin' Violets!  Between all of our Sunday Spotlights, we highlighted all of our 2018 milkers in some form or another.  It seems very fitting to end with King's Rock Pickin' Violets, who will be our only milking yearling in 2018, showcasing the younger end of our breeding program right before the next generation arrives!  


I have to be honest and say 2017 was not a good year for taking pictures of our dry animals.  When you are not trying to capture a filled udder, you can always just say "Oh I can grab a picture tomorrow." Well take it from me, it does not happen tomorrow either and so the "best" picture we have of Violet is a fuzzy Fall picture.  I also managed to find a few pictures in the show ring too that while not the best, do help to showcase her confirmation and appearance. 

Violet is the youngest daughter of King's Rock Betwix N Between 1*M  and GCH Fox's Pride LFR Expresso +B.  She is the full sister to King's Rock Pipin' Hot 2*M, our 2011 ADGA Nationals 1st Place Junior Doe and one of our all-time favorites in our herd.


After Twix returned to our herd a couple of years ago, we bred her to CH Risin' Creek Wen Khaos Strikes, resulting in does King's Rock PuzzledNPerplexed 2*M and King's Rock Pomp&Circumstance.  In 2017, after Twix short cycled on an AI, we bred her to Expresso, knowing he would get the job done and the kids would be fabulous.  What resulted was a set of triplet doe kids, including King's Rock Pickin' Violets.  We have never had the all black with white ears in our herd, and due to the fact that there was a potential crossover with AI/live cover, we had a potential case of "Who's Your Daddy?" and DNA'ed the kids to ensure proper representation of pedigree.  Sure enough, they were all Expresso does!  And while we do not keep does based on their coloring, Violet's coloring is just so sharp that it accentuates her elegance and grace. 

We only took Violet to a couple shows this year, and in one ring at the 2017 Progressive Dairy Goat Show, she was Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe. She is a wide and deep doe, standing on great feet and legs, with sharp angulation throughout.  I love her rump width and watching her trot across the pen really highlights her strengths.  She is also the sweetest kid ever, very demure in personality, unlike our other two 2017 kids who are complete BRATS.  I am so excited for her to freshen in 2018! She is bred to Fox's Pride KPC Get Your Wings, who is also very similarly colored so *maybe* we can get a repeat of her coloring in a doe kid just for me (fingers crossed).  Coloring aside, these should be awesome kids!  Wide, deep and long with lots of milk! My first GW kids will be arriving in less than a month and I am so excited to see what they look like.  Violet's kids will be G6S Normal by parentage, and either Alpha Casein A/B or B/B.  I am retaining a doe kid, but her second doe kid reservation is open.  Since she is a first freshener, we do not offer reservations on buck kids but we do potentially offer them once the doe has freshened and been evaluated.  

Our 2017 DHI is Finally DOne

And just in time for our March freshening....

Our last three does (Charm, Rosie, and Amata) are dried off and their milk records have been sent in and processed with Dairy One.  With the end of their lactation, we have two new Star Milkers in our herd, King's Rock Raindrops on Roses 3*M and King's Rock 3rd Times A Charm.  These two girls were first fresheners in 2017 and thus earned their Milk Star on their first lactation.  Now with these ladies having their first lactation under their belt, our entire milking herd has either earned their Milk Star through DHI or a one-day milk test, with several does qualifying for both their AR and ST star as well throughout the years. 

King's Rock EX Amata Isabella 3*M finished her 2017 lactation producing 3420 pounds of milk.  This is what happens when you dry a first freshener up early because she is such a pain to milk and threaten to sell her if she behaves like that as a second freshener.  She comes into milk, peaking at 17 pounds a day to spite you.  

Complete Lactations for these three are as follows: 

  • King's Rock EX Amata Isabella 3*M:     305 days 3420lbs 157BF 134P
  • King's Rock Raindrops on Roses 3*M:  301 days 2040lbs 94BF 71P
  • King's Rock 3rd Times A Charm 2*M:  297 days 1630lbs 115BF 71P

King's Rock Sunday Spotlight: King's Rock Raindrops on Roses

Dam: GCH King's Rock Java Chip 2*M

Dam: GCH King's Rock Java Chip 2*M

It's a very rainy Sunday, so it's only fitting that this week's King's Rock Sunday Spotlight is King's Rock Raindrops on Roses.  She will be a second freshening three-year-old in 2018.  Rosie will officially earn her milk star once her dry date has been processed, making her a 3*M doe.  Our only three-year-old in the herd, Rosie is a very special doe for us. An AI daughter of Foxwood Madison's Gargamel, she is the paternal half-sister to our first doe AKM-Farm Alexandra Isabella 1*M (LA: 8-03 90 VEEE) who is behind all the does in our Isabella line, including Madison Isabella and Amata Isabella.  She is also the daughter of our newest champion GCH King's Rock Java Chip 2*M.  

In 2017, Rosie freshened with the udder we were hoping for from the Gargamel and Java cross.  She has one of the highest and widest udders in the herd, scoring a 34 in rear udder height and a 35 in rear udder arch. Her final score for her appraisal was 86 VVVV. 

May 2017 photo

May 2017 photo

As a first freshener, Rosie only had a buck kid.  She certainly milked well considering, peaking at 9.5 pounds.  At 288 DIM, she had already produced 1980 pounds of milk with 91 pounds of butterfat and 68 pounds of protein.  She had no trouble completing her 305 lactation, and showed no desire to stop or any major decrease in production until I dried her off.

We have high hopes for Rosie in 2018 and we can not wait to see her second lactation udder!  It should combine well with her power and strength. Rosie is bred to Fox's Pride KPC Get Your Wings (GW) for April kids.  Kids will be G6S normal by parentage and either Alpha Casein A/B or B/B.  With this cross, we are hoping that the kids inherit GW's sharpness, length of body, and height and Rosie's width, and udder.  Plus if they could be black like their dam and sire, that would be icing on the cake!  Rosie has doe and buck reservations available for 2018 kids.  Contact us for more details.