DOB: 5/21/2004

LA: 09-03 89 VVEE

DAM: AKM-Farm Isabella

SIRE: Lynnhaven FS Full Moon


Candy is the foundation doe for over two thirds of our herd (and the other does are from her maternal sister).  To say she has made an impact is quite an understatement.  While not the best show doe, (she earned a forced early retirement when she kicked one too many judges), her true value is in the offspring she produced.  We are fortunate to still have two of her daughters in our herd, GCH AKM-Farm Carmel and King's Rock Betwix N Between, as well as several generations of her decedents as well.  She is a large and powerful doe, and still going strong at 12 years old.  Candy is enjoying her golden years here on the farm, but is officially retired from breeding.